Injection Molding Products

The Prominence of Plastic Products

Plascon Plastics works with a diverse group of brand owners and customers to manufacture a wide variety of plastic products and components. We use the injection molding process to create the lowest cost high volume, mass production products.  If you are not familiar with injection molding (or ‘moulding,’ if you spell it like the English or some Canadians) then simply stop what you’re doing and take a quick glance around you.  Your computer has plastic parts and components.  Your desk, your phone, and a wide variety of household and office items.  In fact, its likely that all around you are items specially made from plastic, or composed of plastic parts: remote controls, buttons on your clothes, lids on water bottles, your swivel chair, your extensive collection of bobble-heads and cartoon figurines, your keyboard, etc.

We rarely visual the factories and plants where all of these plastic items came to be created before being carefully packaged and shipped to a store where you purchased them.  In the hundreds, the thousands, and the millions.  With the cars we drive, the packaged food we eat, and the cosmetic products we use – plastic containers and parts are an integral aspect of our day-to-day functioning in modern life.

Manufacturing Your Plastic Products

Our world, it’s safe to say, is wonderfully obsessed with plastic—and your company wants in. It’s time to create a plastic product of your own! At Plascon Plastics, we can help your company realize product visions. Whether you need a manufacturer for a common product, or are ready to astound the world with your genius new invention, Plascon Plastics walks you through each step of the way.

Our precise equipment can accommodate the creation of parts weighing anywhere from 1 gram to several kilograms. Not only does our team help you to design, engineer, and manufacture your product, but we also guide you through managing your inventory, marketing, and potentially distributing it through our exisiting sales channels.  Basically, we handle all of the technical parts of the process behind the scenes, and you get to enjoy toting your finished product proudly over your head and declaring, “Look what I made!”

In addition, you get to benefit through our patented manufacturing processes, material technologies, and efficiencies that help keep your costs down.  Ask us how!

A handful of the products we’ve produced and championed include:

  • Construction Products
  • Lawn and Garden Products
  • Consumer Goods
  • Paint Containers
  • Automotive Products
  • Packing/Containers
  • Food Containers
  • Cosmetic Containers
  • Industrial Products
  • And Much More!

Ready to see your plastic products take the market by storm? Let’s get it started, then! Contact Plascon Plastics to get your innovations underway.

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