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    Our team at Plascon Plastics love helping a leading cosmetics brand with their innovative idea for revolutionary recycling ideas. Using post consumer recycled content for plastic packaging isn't easy. Plascon's expertise in manufacturing with practical recycling processes and our deep understanding of material compositions, blends, and production allowed us to create a line of products that look great. But more importantly, they help our award-winning customer meet its sustainability goals. Thank you for working with us at Plascon to continue to produce products made from 100% recycled plastic.

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The Injection Molding Process

When we create your custom parts, Plascon Plastics melts plastic into a liquid, and injects it into a metal mold that is uniquely designed to make your product take its desired shape. No job is too big or too small for Plascon Plastics—whether your plastic product weighs 1 gram, or 1 kilogram, we can handle the job.
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5-Gallon Pails

The 5-Gallon Pails manufactured by Plason Plastics are both sturdy and FDA-approved. With endless uses, our 5-gallon pails and lids are the ideal solution for a variety industries, including paint, food, gardening, and more.
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