• PCR - Manufacturing Practical Solutions

    Plascon is a leader in the injection
    molding plastics industry. We invest in
    on-going research and development to
    push the envelop on recycled materials,
    additives, and especially around new
    waste stream materials. Our
    intellectual property portfolio
    includes patents in several
    jurisdictions, extensive know-how
    working with recycled tire
    rubber, and other additives
    and formulations used to make
    consumer and industrial plastic products.
    We license our technologies to other
    plastics manufacturers that create
    products used by consumers globally.
    Ask us about the benefits of our
    technology and how it can achieve your
    sustainability goals and reduce the cost
    of manufacturing.

    Recycle Plastic Waste

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Why Plascon innovation to make use of waste

Innovation in material blends and composites to exceed corporate sustainability goals

Our approach to ensuring a cradle to cradle solution that is economically feasible and environmentally sound is grounded in the study of feedback from our manufacturing systems.

We help the brands and customers that we work with to distance themselves from the unacceptable and unsustainable practices of just taking, making, and disposing.

Rather, we create a circular economy framework for product and packaging solutions that is both practical and pragmatic.  We create real, credible business solutions.
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PCR – Manufacturing Practical Solutions

Our team at Plascon Plastics love helping a leading cosmetics brand with their innovative idea for revolutionary recycling ideas. Using post consumer recycled content for plastic packaging isn’t easy. Plascon’s expertise in manufacturing with practical recycling processes and our deep understanding of material compositions, blends, and production allowed us to create a line of products that look great. But more importantly, they help our award-winning customer meet its sustainability goals. Thank you for working with us at Plascon to continue to produce products made from 100% recycled plastic.
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Need to reduce the CO2, water use, and waste creation in your supply chain? Tell us about your manufacturing sustainability goals, and let us at Plascon Plastics get to work on creating a realistic and practical solution to get you there.
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