Our Service Process

What exactly does Plascon Plastics offer? Plastic injection molding? Wrong! Alright, just kidding, we do specialize in plastic injection molding—but that’s certainly not all we do. Plastic injection molding is just one piece of a very intricate puzzle as you create a successful plastic product. Plascon Plastics helps you prepare for success right from the start, with experts to champion your product every step of the way.

Because our team works with you from conception to sales, we become familiar with your vision, and help you develop a big-picture plan for your product, rather than seeing you through only one segment. Our streamlined plan runs along this basic model:

1: Design

In the early phases of our relationship, our team helps you flesh out a robust product design: both functionality components, and the “look and feel.”

2: Prototyping

Time for a test round! When Plascon Plastics delivers a physical prototype, it’s easy to catch product flaws upfront, see how the part fits with others, and anticipate how the product will look in its finished form.

3: Mold Making

Enough of prototypes; you’re ready for the real deal. Our team gets to work constructing your powerful custom mold, keeping design specifications, cycle efficiency, and mold longevity at the forefront of our minds.

4: Injection Molding

This is where the magic happens. Our injection molds run full steam to crank out hundreds or thousands of plastic parts based on your initial, genius idea. That’s right—take a bow.

5: Warehousing

Those hundreds or thousands of plastic parts need to go somewhere—and not your garage. Plascon Plastics safely packages your products and stores them in our warehouse, where they stealthily lie in wait in the shadows, ready to spring upon the market.

6: Logistics

The time has come: your parts are on the move! Plascon Plastics handles the flow of your goods. From our warehouse out to suppliers, we mastermind how many products to send to which locations, what mode of transport is most efficient, the appropriate times to send each shipment, and more.

7: Market Development

The battle plan starts all coming together, now. Our team at Plascon Plastics helps you indentify your ideal customers through industry research and strategies, then utilize effective techniques to reach your target markets.

8: Sales

Now comes the pay off! Excited customers discover how awesome your product is, and realize their strong desire to have it in their lives forever. Usually that desire comes with a little help from our talented sales team.

Through this process, your original idea transforms into a valuable product that thousands of people benefit from using. Now’s not the time to horde all your good ideas to yourself—let Plascon Plastics help you leave your impact and influence with your dynamic idea.