Injection Molding Technology

At Plascon Plastics, we believe that the best quality plastic products come from a combination of keen human minds and capable machinery. Without people to provide unique new ideas, our technology at Plascon Plastics wouldn’t have a purpose, and without our useful technologies, we would be left trying to whittle our products by hand on the back porch.

Fast Designs and Prototypes

Because of our amazing injection molding equipment at the Plascon Plastics facility, we have the ability to bring your company’s ideas to life. Plascon Plastics implements critical technologies as early as the conceptualization and design phase. Our team makes use of powerful CAD software to help flesh out and visualize your product’s appearance and key components.

From CAD data, Plascon Plastics can quickly turn your design into a physical model using our on-site 3D printer. This allows for speedy prototyping before your injection mold is even created—meaning you can make all necessary evaluations and modifications beforehand, avoid costly mistakes, and save time in your development cycle.


Efficient Injection Molding

We utilize the latest technologies, with injection molding machinery ranging anywhere from 100 to 600 tons. These robust machines not only help us create large volumes of quality products, but they also function with short cycle times. This enables us to efficiently develop your products in a time-sensitive manner.

Our team at Plascon Plastics believes in quality—and in creating quality products the first time! Our powerful technologies enable us to achieve the result you’re looking for.

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