Step Five: Warehousing Your Product

You’ve just ushered thousands of plastic parts into existence—great! Now . . . where are we going to put all of them? Don’t start clearing out room in the spare office room; Plascon Plastics has you covered. Our facilities have the capacity to store your inventory both long and short term, for even the highest volumes of production runs. With careful packaging, even the most awkward shaped plastic parts can be safely boxed and crated, awaiting the next steps.

Though your company is, no doubt, excited to rush every product in your run straight to stores and vendors, realistically, not all of your products will be shipped off at once. Many will strategically remain in storage long after the initial wave, accessible for further market demand. With our thorough labeling and tracking system, our warehousing specialists always know exactly where your products are, and can pull them the moment they are needed. Our facility’s capabilities allow us to easily load your shipments for transport, sending them on their merry way into the market.

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