Plastic Mold Making

Step Three: Making a Mold

Just like good kids come from good parents, quality plastic products come from quality molds. A quality mold has to account for tons of product features: protrusions, ribs, or interesting textures. How thick is the plastic going to be?? The plastic molds we help build at Plascon Plastics have to accommodate all of these facets. They also are built-to-last, ensuring longevity for your product lifespan.

We’ll also help determine how many cavities you will require based on market demand and pricing requirements.  We’ll help go over all the aspects in order to build a strategy to maximize your investment in your mold(s).

During mold-making, our team also helps craft the mold in a way that will fit production requirements. Plascon Plastics aims to design a system that will yield the lowest cycle time with each round of plastic injection. This helps reduce production costs for our clients, allowing us to create more plastic parts in a shorter time frame.  This is one area where we differentiate from our competitors.

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No matter what stage of development your plastic product is in, Plascon Plastics can help take it to production and beyond.

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