Injection Molding

Step Four: Injecting the Mold


Once the mold has been constructed to perfection, and it’s time for what Plascon Plastics does best: putting that plastic injection mold to work! Plascon Plastics first injects hot, liquefied plastic into your customized mold. The plastic hardens, and the mold opens, unveiling a single, glorious, finished product.

One product is just the start, though. Our injection molding technology flexes its muscles and churns out hundreds of thousands of plastic product replicas. We keep our machines running full-throttle, creating a veritable army of plastic parts, each as beautifully dazzling as the initial concept you envisioned. At this stage, your project seems a physical reality, so yes, you may squeal in delight and hug the tangible products to your chest. Or toss them in the air, confetti-style.

Ready to get your project underway?

No matter what stage of development your plastic product is in, Plascon Plastics can help take it to production and beyond.

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