Recycled Plastic

Plastic Waste in Our World

We live in an era of plastic.  It is everywhere, and while plastic products provide a lot of benefits to the modern consumer, we can now also begin to see the harm that plastic can wreak to our planet.  Our modern society throws away enough plastic each year to circle the earth in a band over four times.  In addition, that plastic will take approximately 1,000 years to degrade in a landfill.  To put that in perspective: remember that plastic water bottle you threw away yesterday?  When your grandchildren’s grandchildren are born, that bottle will still have no visible degradation.

And that’s just on land.

In our oceans, plastic constitutes 90 percent of all floating trash on the surface.  It’s effect on marine wildlife is devastating.  Over one million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed annually from plastics in the oceans.

We at Plascon have a conscious and passionate desire to improve the world we live in.  This drives our innovation.

For example, our patented processes allow specific waste streams of materials to be incorporated directly into the injection molding process.  Plascon is also developing solutions to deal with many other streams of materials that can help offset plastic usage, reducing your costs, and making a positive impact on the environment.

Plascon Plastics Takes a Stand

At Plascon Plastics, we don’t want to be the ones looking across valleys of waste during the plastic apocalypse, mumbling, “What have we done?”  However, we also know that taking care of our planet is not just our responsibility; it’s also the responsibility of our clients and the responsibility of each individual consumer of the products we create.

Our Materials

We want our client’s products to change the world for the better, not the worse. Plastic is not the enemy here—it’s the way we use it. To help them keep our planet clean, with our client’s permission, we re-use recycled materials by incorporating them into their new plastic products. Not only does this re-purpose plastics that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill, but it often ends up reducing productions costs for our clients.

Our Process

We love recycling so much, we have a patented process that allows certain waste streams of materials to be incorporated directly into the injection molding process. Plascon is also developing many other streams of materials that can help offset plastic usage, thus reducing your costs and making it more environmentally friendly.

Our team at Plascon Plastics does its part to increase environmental awareness in our industry. By hosting ongoing trainings on environmental responsibility amongst our personnel and stakeholders, we emphasize the urgency of protecting and preserving the earth and wisely using the resources available to us.

At Plascon Plastics, we’re committed to creating a positive impact on our environment. We believe that making something convenient with plastic parts should not come at the cost of the planet’s health and future generations. Contact our team to find an enviro-friendly alternative in your production runs, or to start a new product by resourcefully re-purposing recyclable materials. The planet will thank you!

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